Márcellino's New Single
"Lights Off".

7 July

"Lights Off"

Márcellino is preparing to release a new single. His new song "Lights Off" combines contemporary R&B with a sound of new Soul. Featuring artist TT makes her debut on this track and marks her soulful yet youthful sound.
Pre-Order: 07/18/16
Release Date: 07/28/16
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19 May

Márcellino Performs for Mayor Strictland.
Mayors' Reception-Memphis, TN
Márcellino takes a selfie with Memphis Mayor Jim Strictland.
Márcellino & Naomi William sing for Mayor Jim Strictland.
Márcellino takes a picture with Memphis Singer Naomi William.

18 Mar.

Márcellino sings at Voices-A-Fire
Márcellino called up to sing at Open Mic.
Márcellino performs at Voices-A-Fire. An open Mic presented by Jesse Dunlap of the Memphis Black Arts Alliance.
Márcellino performs.
Márcellino sings a new song with pianist. 

17 Mar.

Márcellino Child Abuse PSA 
Márcellino w/Brandon Cortez.
Recording Artist Márcellino.
Brandon Cortez. Memphis Musician participating in Child Abuse Campaign
​"Its Never Ok".
Márcellino sings with fellow artist Brandon Cortez to new Child Abuse song "Protect The Children" for Campaign "Its Never Ok".