"Lights Off"

Pre-Order: 07/18/16
Release Date: 07/28/16

The Revolution

​​Márcellino has released his debut album onto the market. The Revolution consist of 8 original tracks written and produced by himself. 
Márcellinos' The Revolution combines R&B, Pop and Soul to tell a story about Love, Societal Issues and Inner Worth. The Single "Dark Hours" has one plain message, forgiveness. Also, enjoy the live performance of "Dark Hours" on channel 3 live at 9.
Billy The Clown
Billy The Clown tells a story of Anguish and Sadness centered around a toxic relationship. The message builds from hurt to a sound of forgivess and passion. 
Thinking About Life
Thinking about Life is exactly what it says. This song is about sitting back and reminiscing on all things that have happened in your life.